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A cloud engineering boot camp lead by industry experts passionate about building great engineering teams and high scaling careers. A genuinely immersive mentorship to guide you to advanced technology dream jobs. 


13 week program Course is designed by technology professionals who have spent last multiple decades building enterprise applications, building engineering teams, coaching, writing books, speaking at technology and leadership conferences, serving as advisor to startups and other technology conferences.

Cloud computing fundamentals

week 1-2

Overview on different cloud providers, deployment practices, benefits, setting up basic cloud environments, introduction to AWS services, AMI’s & instances.


core building blocks of aws pt.1

week 3-4

Setting up development environment with git, intro to docker and deep dive, provisioning EC2, security groups and IAM roles, scaling AWS, data persistence with s3 and RDS.


core building blocks of aws pt.2

week 5-6

AWS routing, ECS, AWS monitoring & notification (CloudTrail, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS) serverless architecture, understanding VPC.


python foundations 

week 7-8

Expressions and outputs, data types, collections, serialization, basic and complex expression, file I/O , OOPS, web services, performance and scaling, unit testing.


advanced python

week 9-10

Functions design patterns & composition, lambdas, higher order functions, type hints, decorators, generators, solid design patterns, module and package design, packaging and distribution.


python microservices with flask

week 10

Core flask concepts, request, response and view function flask extension modules, API concepts, database access and CRUD, security and authentication, deployment techniques.


Continuous delivery and automation

week 11-12

Version control, building pipelines, blue-green deployment, cloud formation, elastic beanstalk, scripting and automation.


Final project delivery & graduation

week 12-13

Milestone project demo preparation, mock interviews, resume building, demo day.


Career opportunities

Milestone project demo to our partner companies, Resume building, mock interviews.

Industry tailored training

Seasoned trainers

Between us we have a track record of building disrupting products and high performing teams, we are book authors, technology speakers and advisor for technology companies.

Real world case study discussions, enterprise grade milestone project, weekly presentations and open discussion to facilitate soft & leadership skills . You will work in 4 member agile teams, delivering milestones every 2 week sprint.

Putting you on the right career path is our goal. Sign up to our 13-week bootcamp list today.


Sagar Gaikwad

14 years of industry experience building data engineering and analytics platforms. Has spent last 4 years delivering Big data, cyber and cloud initiatives. Track record of building high performing engineering team who has delivered industry recognized and accoladed products. Apart from leading his teams technically, Sagar specializes in building individual brands that has enabled his team showcase their true potential.

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Steven Lott

Is an industry expert of Python. Has authored 8 books, speaker and on panel of Pycon. Over 30 years of experience programming. Trained over 1000 students in his career. Python instructor for the leading career training company Lynda.com (subsidiary of LinkedIn.com).

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